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Whether you're an individual, a business, a non-profit, family or trustee we have an account category that matches your choices.


If the goal is to build wealth or grow your earnings whether as a beginner or expert, long term or short term, simple or complex, we provide various choices for you.

Portfolio Managment

We offer a range of portfolios that help meet your needs as an investor and all our portfolio categories come fully managed.

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You can own a piece of a company’s future by buying their stocks. Every industry known to man has publicly traded companies so you can tap into the knowledge you have of a specific industry or diversify your portfolio.


ETFs give you access to a collection of stocks so it's basically stock trading with inherent diversification. It offers you flexibility when traded on major exchanges.


Liquid contracts in the the world's largest market can be traded and you can diversify into energies, currencies etc.

Mutual Funds

These are collections of invetstemnts picked and managed by finicial experts and it's the simplest way to diversify your portfolio.

About Us

Who Are We ? Limeted Private Group is an investment and trading platform built to expedite the attainment of the financial goals of our customers. We are a company duly registered and got regulated by the United Kingdom Securities and Investments Commission. Astro Finance is one of the world's leading independent companies headquartered in Australia. We offer an in-depth look into various sectors of the markets and economy at large, taking advantage of the opportunities they provide. View Our Certificate Here.

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Limited Private Group is a licensed industry leader, at work to source the best products in the market for you, while also striving to increase accessibility and transparency in the trading industry.

Our Team


Founder – President and
Head of Investor Relation/Board Member

Bert Vanelderen has been in the financial industry for over 20 years, working within private and public companies Investor Relations


Senior Vice President Corporate Affairs
Board Member

Krista is an independent professional, with more than 20 years of working within private companies and the government sector


Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Svetlana acts as Axcona’s Executive Assistant/ Office Manager. She is responsible for directly assisting the founding partners

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